8 thoughts on “Manichini … a Verona

  1. There is a store called Tootsie’s here in Houston with gargantuan store windows. I want to take photos of those particular mannequins (the ones I took with my cell phone and posted to FB are from another shop).

    I also love mannequins, for many reasons. First, that is precisely the name of one of my favorite movies of my childhood (the eighties). The love story of the mannequin that comes to life at night. 🙂

    Also, I remember when I was a teenager, looking at mannequins in the store window of a store in a shopping mall, called Contempo Casuals. Those mannequins were much like the ones you depict here- sleek, angular, sans coiffe, They were dressed in style of the time, the early nineties, with baby-doll dresses, or the “Calvin Klein” minimalist look…or crushed velvet…or rayon. You know, in my mind, they were all Annie Lennox, ineffably cool, exuding sophisticated chic.

    The second and third photos here remind me most of those particular mannequins that I remember so well, twenty years later. So powerful and androgynous…I hope too see more mannequins in your blog. Count me in the “mannequin-obsessed” camp! 🙂

    Mi piace

  2. Grazie Ondina: non potendomi permettere altro…i manichini sono un po’ il mio materiale di studio per quel che riguarda la gestione della luce.

    Mi piace


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